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A Brief about NSDA

A Brief facet about NSDA

Chief Electrical Inspectorate, under the Department of Power, Government of Nagaland, headed by a Chief Electrical Inspector is the Nagaland State Designated Agency for implementing the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 in the state. It was established during the year 2005 vide BEE concurrence No.20/01/02-DLH/909, dated 6-7-05.After the formation of NSDA, a five year Action Plan was made after which works were initiated according to the designed plan of action. The present 5 (Five) year Action Plan serves as a base document for the implementation of E.C Act in the state of Nagaland.

Objectives of NSDA

The broad objectives of the action plan includes-

  1. To proactively fulfill all the mandates of the EC Act in co-ordination with BEE and the State Government, and other stakeholders.
  2. To Promote the cause of energy efficiency addressing all commercial energy sources (Coal, oil and electricity)
  3. Reduction of energy consumption in generation, transmission, distribution and end use through efficiency improvements and rational use.
  4. To address the concerns of utilities such as demand shortage as well as energy shortages through focused DSM initiatives.
  5. To promote reduction of CHG emission in the state of Nagaland.
  6. To promote use of energy efficient technologies, equipments, processes and devices.
  7. To promote awareness in respect of EC Act, energy efficiency, standards, best practices, etc.
  8.  To promote Energy Conservation Building Codes and Standard & labeling.
  9. To reduce fuel consumption in Transport sector by efficiency Improvement.
  10. To reduce energy consumption in domestic and other sectors by way of educating the users.

Profile and Energy Scenario of Nagaland  

i. Nagaland                      

Capital                          :           Kohima (1,444.12 M above sea level) 

Total Area                    :           16,579 Sq. Km 

Boundaries                   :           East      :           Mayanmar                 

                                                West    :           Assam

                                                North   :           Assam & Arunachal Pradesh                                   

                                                 South   :           Manipur           

Population                    :           19,88,636 (2001  Census) 

Density of Population    :           120 per Sq Km

Literacy Rate                :           67%

Official Language          :           English

Average Rainfall           :           2500 mm

Forest Cover                :           80.49%

No. of Tribes                :           16 Major tribes 

ii. Energy Scenario of Nagaland 

Energy Consumed                    :           85 MW Peak

                                                           45 MW Off Peak 

State Generation                       :           24 MW 

Domestic Category                   :           60% Bulk,

Commercial, Public water

works & public Lighting             :           40% 


Preliminary Activities to be Carried out by NSDA 


Basing on the plans made by the NSDA, various preliminary activities were listed for taking up within the time period of year 2008-09. Some of which include- provision of technical assistance/consultancy/survey, workshops/training programmes/manuals, publicity/awareness and other demo projects.


Under technical assistance, activities like establishment of internet platform for communication with the SDA (consultancy components) and survey of buildings at the state level that fall under the EC Act.


Half yearly regional meeting for exchange of information pertaining lessons learned on state level implementation of the EC Act are also planned.

 In order to create more awareness among the general public in regard to Energy Conservation, preparation of promotional materials in the form of pamphlets, brochures, posters in different vernuculars, hiring of media consultants have been put forward for wider knowledge. It will also include stake holders such as certified energy managers, accredited energy auditors, and designated consumers. Preparation and publication of Annual Year Book and publication of five (5) years Action Plan in book form. 

Apart from the aforementioned activities the NSDA further plans for taking up two Demo Projects comprising of Small Energy Efficiency Demonstration Project with high impact value on street lighting at fly over in Dimapur district and Energy Audit for Investment  Grade Energy Audit for eleven (11)government and semi-government buildings in Kohima and Dimapur district.


List of buildings:

  1. Nagaland Civil Secretariat
  2. Accountant General Office
  3. Nagaland Legislative Assembly Secretariat
  4. Director General of Police Office
  5. Raj Bhavan
  6. All India Radio Studio, Kohima
  7. All India Radio Studio, Zubza
  8. Naga Hospital, Kohima
  9. Christian Institute of Health Science & Research, Dimapur
  10. Super Market, Dimapur
  11. Industrial State, Dimapur


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